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Architectural Outsourcing using BIM Technology 

For busy architecture firms, architectural drafting can be a demanding and time consuming job. By choosing to outsource your drafting work to BIM Maker Studio, you can ensure that your project is delivered to the highest standard by our CAD trained drafters. 

From concept and proposal to more detailed structural drawings, our qualified team is able to collaborate with architects and produce CAD solutions to firms of all sizes. Our team has extensive experience of working with AutoCAD software. As a result, we are able to quickly and skillfully deliver high quality designs for even the most complex building projects

When you choose to work with BIM Maker Studio, you will benefit from the transformation of plans, drawings, blueprints and PDF files into their native format with clean layers and references. We are able to speed up your output and help you meet tight project deadlines, all without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

What is architectural drafting? 

Architectural drafting and design is the process of creating drawings and project models that are used to build structures. These technical drawings help to turn design ideas into realistic proposals by illustrating specific measurements such as design dimensions, features and functions. 

What is drafting in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software that helps architects create project designs and plans. Drafting in AutoCAD enables the creation of sophisticated project models in both 2D and 3D. This software helps to communicate how a build will be created, before moving forward to the construction phase. 

What architectural drafting services do we offer? 

As a firm we are design focused and have experience working on a variety of project types. Using specializt AutoCAD software, we are able to create architectural designs for our clients, and also offer architectural drafting services that include: 

  • Raster to Vector CAD conversion 
  • Image to CAD conversion 
  • PDF to CAD conversion 
  • Project development alongside 3D modeling 

What are the benefits of outsourcing architectural drafting services? 

The architecture sector has experienced a huge amount of change in the last ten years alone. Drawings that are made by hand have become less popular and drafting using computer aided designs are the desired choice. Investing in AutoCAD software and skills can be expensive, which is where outsourcing the drafting process can help to keep costs at a low. The other benefits of outsourcing your drafting needs to BIM Maker Studio include: 

  • Project Annotations: As experienced drafters, we are able to add required annotations to architectural CAD designs such as text, dimensions and schedule notes to aid project planning. 
  • Conversions to CAD drafting: Using AutoCAD software, we are able to quickly and easily convert any hand drawn sketches or paper drafts of your building project. By recreating the drawings to a digitised format, we make it more suitable to share with other professions collaborating with you on your project. 
  • Projects of all sizes: The team at BIM Maker Studio is able to provide detailed 2D drafting services and 3D modeling services for projects of any size and scale. We can work on all designs, from single rooms to larger whole build projects without difficutly. 
  • Flexible ways of working: Our drafting services are tailored to our clients’ schedule and project needs to ensure full satisfaction. When you partner with BIM Maker Studio, you get to  decide how our services will best suit your business. 
  • International Design Code compliance: As we work globally, it is critical that our solutions are reliable and that we comply with design code standards when creating structural project models. 
  • Cost-effective rates: AutoCAD drafting is incredibly efficient but requires the right skills, technology and expertise. By outsourcing with BIM Maker Studio, you ensure high quality drafting work at low prices. 

Why choose to work with BIM Maker Studio? 

The demand for architectural designs and construction drawings that are computer-generated continues to grow. When you choose to outsource your drafting services to BIM Maker Studio, you benefit from the latest technology and software. Our team has an excellent understanding of AutoCAD and we continue to improve our drafting and design knowledge by staying on top of the latest trends and industry news. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining an open line of communication with our clients, and want you to be as involved as possible throughout the drafting process to ensure everyone is on the same page design wise. AutoCAD generated designs improve the quality of work being created, and we are able to work flexibly with you to provide this within your budget. 

You can count on us to support your design project, we always make sure the drafts we create are exactly as you had envisioned.


What is the difference between CAD and AutoCAD?

Computer Aided Designs (CAD) describes the process of using computers to create technical drawings and designs, whereas AutoCAD refers to the specific type of professional software which is utilised to produce both 2D and 3D models for architects.

What is AutoCAD used for in architecture?

AutoCAD can be used as an architectural planning and design tool. The software allows architects to create both 2D and 3D models of their design plans that can be analysed in terms of measurement specifics and build strength. The models that get drafted are realistic and mimic real life construction.
As well as improving the quality of conceptual designs, AutoCAD also provides architects with project modifications, scheduling and planning tools. When using AutoCAD, architects can:

Customise the software using applications and APIs
Automate floor plans, sections and elevations
Generate annotations, layers, schedules and tables
Enforce architecture industry standards

What are the tools of AutoCAD?

When conducting architectural drafting in AutoCAD, ‘tools’ represent the different objects that can be added to your drawing. By adding objects using a specific tool, it takes on the settings pre-defined in the tool, which makes the design process faster and ensures project consistency. In AutoCAD Architecture, tools fall into three categories:

Object tools: These design objects have specific styles and properties
Command tools: Graphical representations of object related commands
AEC content tools: Items that are created with the AEC Content Wizard

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Experts in BIM Technology 

What sets us apart is the fact we are able to use BIM software to our advantage. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to create digital development models of projects at each of their different stages. This helps to visualize larger complex systems as a whole whilst also focusing on the finer detail, helping us ensure top quality presentation. 

This technology also facilitates efficient interactions, and at BIM Maker Studio we are able to implement BIM processes that help with information management for both small and large scale construction projects. 


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